You have entered a channel on the World Wide Web that may become a bit fuzzy. This stop: the Disorganized Zone.

Judy Norton Co-produces, Directs and Stars


Judy Norton (Actress of The Waltons) joins Good Takes Productions and DZ Films to co-produce, direct and star in new episodes of Disorganized Zone. She plays the Organizer, a recurring role in every episode. She also is a co-writer and

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David Pevsner Cast As Host In DZ


David Pevsner (TV series Old Dogs & New Tricks, Modern Family, We’re Alive) joins the cast of Disorganized Zone as the “Rod Serling” Host. And that’s not all. Believe it or not, he’s also an occasional professional organizer! But, he

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Judy Norton Is The Organizer

Judy Norton

Judy Norton plays the Organizer in a recurring role of the Disorganized Zone. She also joined Good Takes Productions as co-producer, director and writer.

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