Series Creator Cyndi Seidler Reveals The Beginnings of Disorganized Zone

Series creator Cyndi Seidler talks about how she conceived the show, what she envisioned for the series, and who she felt The Organizer (played by Judy Norton) would be like.

What started out as an idea based on her experiences with clients as a professional organizer turned into reality with the Disorganized Zone.

That’s largely due to the fact some of her work with clients seemed like living in a surreal world that belonged only to them – and that she had indeed stepped inside their “disorganized zone” and had to lead them out of it.

Teaming up with film partner Judy Norton came about from their existing friendship, and the fact Judy was looking to do some new projects of her own that would further develop her directing skills.

Cyndi had several episodes of DZ already written and presented them to Judy and see if she wanted to come aboard. She did. And the rest is history.

But this wasn’t Cyndi’s first filmmaking work. She had done various short films and a couple web series. She had also spent a year filming a documentary called “Bandito” between organizing jobs.

Disorganized Zone later became her first real gig (that wasn’t for a client’s web or product promo) with a real professional crew with real professional actors.



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